Frequently asked questions

Are all the banknotes in mint condition? 是否所有的紙幣都是全新及狀態良好?

Unless specified in the decription, All banknotes on this site are in mint condition and uncirculated. ZBanknotes.com wants you to have only the best notes in quality and value. Zatoshi knows that only notes in these conditons obtain (and can increase) their value. 除非我們有特別說明,所有的紙幣都是完好無缺及全新的。我們想確保你擁有最高質素的紙幣。Zatoshi 深知質素良好的紙幣才是有價值的。

How often do you add new banknotes? 你們多久會加入不同的貨幣及紙幣?

New notes are added Daily / Weekly (dependent on inventory) 一般來說,每日或每週一次,我們都會更新貨幣種類及庫存。

Which Cryptocurrencies do you accept? 你們接受以虛擬貨幣付款嗎?

Yes! However to save money (10% on most purchases) we recommend you pay in BitcoinSV (BSV). We do also accept Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether (USDt) Paypal accepted. Credit/Debit card accepted. 絕對可以。但如果您想節省更多金錢(以10%的折扣購買大部份商品),我們建議你使用BitcoinSV (BSV)付款。我們亦接受Bitcoin (BTC),Bitcoin Cash (BCH),Tether (USDt)。 我們接受以Paypal付款。 我們接受以信用卡/扣賬卡付款。

Tax (VAT) 稅項 (增值稅)

All products already have TAX included (as per UK Law). The exception is Silver & Platinum where VAT (20%) is added at the end of checkout. This will be displayed at the checkout page. 所有顯示的商品價錢均而經包括稅項(英國法例要求)。唯一例外是購買銀幣時,您需繳交20%的增值稅,稅項會在結算頁面顯示。 所有海外的客人都不需要支付增值稅。 When investing in bullion it is important to consider the VAT implications of your purchase. Currently, investment gold is exempt from VAT , this includes all gold bullion bars and coins purchases in the UK and EU. Conversely, silver bullion is subject to VAT, presently at 20% in the UK. 當投資金銀幣的時候,您會需要留意增值稅。現時,在英國或歐盟國家購買金條或金幣都可豁免增值稅。但如果您在本店購買的是銀條或銀幣,由於本店來自英國,你需要繳交20%的增值稅。 Frequently, due to the VAT free status of investment gold, some investors believe that other precious metals are also exempt. Unfortunately this is not the case, however, this doesn’t mean other metals aren’t worth investing in. Instead individuals should consider the different investment opportunities of each specific metal. 很多時候,由於購買金條金幣可豁免增值稅,部份投資者會認為購買其他金屬都可獲豁免。但很抱歉,暫時只有金條金幣獲豁免。不過,這完全不代表其他金屬不值得投資。相反地,大家應該要考慮到不同的金屬均各自有其投資價值。

Shipping and Returns policy 送貨及退款政策

Shipping is FREE worldwide. 全球免運費。 No Returns. 不設退款。 All Sales are final. 所有商品一經售出,不能退款或換貨。